Tara Todd

I attended a vision board event with Channel U and it was fantastic! Kelli, the CEO, held it at her spacious home which was warm and inviting. She incorporated many original ideas into the day, including Zumba, affirmations, journaling “homework” and even hired a photographer to capture the lovely memories of the day. The ladies had an opportunity to bond and speak authentically about different topics concerning women today. Since that event I’ve spoken to Kelli one-on-one about my personal journey and what I really appreciate is her ability to recognize those patterns of behavior that keep you stuck in an undesired cycle. She’s super patient, non-judgmental, easy to talk to, and most important she’s REAL. She’s had her own hurdles to overcome and she openly shares those - so you know not only is she professionally trained, but she’s put that training into practice and continues to be successful on her personal journey. I highly recommend Channel U!!!!

Unknown - 2

Meeting CEO Kelly Gibbs certified life coach, speaker and motivator has basically "shifted" my thinking about my own personal life. I had the pleasure of attending a vision board social at her home. The afternoon started with a meet and greet "ice breaker"and was continued with detailed activities, discussions, dialogue that helped us to really explore our inner thoughts and gave us ideas and strategies to bring those ideas to fruition. I personally was struggling with various issues...moving to a new city, new home, retirement, future plans...Kelly helped me to connect the dots and filter out what was immediately important and map out a plan for my future goals!! Being the visual learner that I am I was elated to see my final product and ideas in living color...my vision board!!! Kelly's daily motivational Facebook quotes, her positive feedback, optimism and continuous support, is exceptional!!! I look forward to forging ahead with Kelly's support!!