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Kelli Gibbs is a best-selling author, certified life coach and inspirational speaker. Born and raised in Pottstown, Pennsylvania, she graduated from Herzing University with a B.S in Healthcare Management, before going on to become the founder of Channel U LLC. She now lives in Douglasville, Georgia, with her husband, and their pet Dachshund.

Currently working at Children's Healthcare of Hughes Spalding as a Clinical Operations Coordinator, Kelli has a passion for inspiring and empowering women. She does so in impressive style with her book, No Wrong Way To Be A Woman, which is part self-help, part motivational in its approach and consolidates much of her thinking and ideas.

Kelli has an adventurous spirit and in her free time she enjoys the outdoors by walking, cycling and jumping rope. She has been zip-lining in Florida and she and her husband plan to do an indoor skydive before tackling the real thing. She also enjoys traveling and immersing herself in new cultures, meeting interesting people and generally spending time with her family and loving life.

In the future, Kelli hopes that she can inspire women throughout the world to achieve their own goals and realize their dreams, while helping them to see the importance of loving themselves and putting God first in everything they do.

When you undervalue what you do, the world will undervalue who you are…
— Oprah Winfrey


Life Coaching

Life Coaching provides clarity knowing what you want, accountability helps create change, and personal development.

Available as a group, 1:1, or in 10-min micro- Coaching sessions.

Vision Board Workshops

Vision Board Socials are a powerful way to make your dreams more tangible and attainable. The benefits give a pictorial representation on setting goals, spiritual growth, career, and home life.

Self-Love | Self-Care Workshops

The benefits of attending our Self-Care and Self-Love Workshop you will learn how to practice self-love and self-care, learn to let go of fear and self-doubt, set boundaries, learn positive and healthy habits — keeping your cup full to pour into others.

Speaking Engagements

The benefits of speaking engagements are as an Inspirational Speaker; I will empower and inspire women to make a difference in their lives by speaking life into them, being authentic, and improve their overall well being, and learning how to have a healthy relationship with yourself. Stop handing your power over to other people and start putting yourself first.




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No Wrong Way To Be A Woman

Kelli’s book is about channeling your most divine self. A journey of self-love, self-care, and transparency that helps women see God's love.

“As the owner and founder of Channel U LLC, Kelli Gibbs has been delivering insight and inspiration to thousands of people across her social media platforms. In No Wrong Way to Be a Woman, Gibbs crystalizes her message into a powerful collection of thought provoking pieces into an instant must read for anyone looking to delve deeper into how to become their best self. This book concentrates a lifetime of experience and wisdom into teachable lessons that readers can immediately put into action in their lives.”
— Anonymous